Get the ultimate guide to having a calm dog at home! Solving a huge range of problems like barking, separation anxiety, destructive behaviour and more, this course will completely transform your home life with your dog!
Get the ultimate guide to having a calm dog at home! Solving a huge range of problems like barking, separation anxiety, destructive behaviour and more, this course will completely transform your home life with your dog!


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Anxious, Stressed & Chaotic

If your dog doesn't know how to relax at home it can make you feel constantly on edge.

Maybe they bark at every noise, you flinch at the doorbell knowing what's coming, and you have to warn guests that they will be barked at constantly.

Or perhaps they get bored all the time and nothing is safe, your furniture, your shoes or your table, it all gets chewed up and destroyed as they look for a way to vent their frustration.

Potentially the worst scenario is a dog with separation anxiety, one that you dread leaving alone knowing they will cry and howl the whole time you're gone.

Or it might be that they can just never sit still! Always pacing, panting and generally driving you crazy.

Any of these behaviours can make every day feel like a battle, a stress or a headache.
If your dog can't relax, you can't relax, and you simply can't spend the next 10+ years in a constant state of stress.

Something has to change!

I Want To Help You!

Every Dog Deserves To Be A Calm Canine Companion

And Every Owner Deserves To Have One!

What exactly does a Calm Canine Companion look like you might ask?
Well in my opinion it's a dog that:

- Is quiet when you want them to be
- Can settle down and relax when needed
- Is happy and able to be left alone

But to actually achieve that we need to address the root cause of these issues and go one step further.

To do that we need to make sure our dogs are:


Only then can we take those undesirable behaviours like barking, pacing and crying, and turn them into positive ones like lying down quietly and relaxing.

So, how do we do it?

Read on to find out!

Introducing Your Tutor:

Will Atherton

Expert Canine Behaviourist & Founder Of The WA Academy

  • Over a decade of experience as a Canine Behaviourist
  • ​Dedicated to keeping dogs out of shelters and off the euthanasia table
  • Over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube educating dog owners
  • Huge followings on TikTok and Instagram of over 1 million
  • Launched The WA Academy to help more dogs and their owners
  • Huge desire to help owners enjoy their lives at home with their dogs
  • Developed the Calm Canine Companion course to help you do exactly that!


The calm canine companion course
The complete walkthrough

To A Happy And Relaxed Dog At Home

This course has been designed to include absolutely everything you need to address the cause of all these problem behaviours and make sure you have a dog that is content & fulfilled.

To do that we're going to look at 5 different areas.

Each one will contribute massively to reducing your dog's stress levels and allowing them to relax!
Step One: exercise
  • Learn Why Exercise Is So Important: And how you're probably not doing enough with your dog!
  • Exercise VS Working: Discover how to level up your dog's exercise by introducing mental stimulation alongside physical exertion 
  • Take Exercise To The Next Level: My top tips for going above and beyond with exercising your dog, ensuring physical contentment 
Step two: place training
  • The Power Of Place Training: How you can utilise place training to solve a number of issues in the home
  • Practical Tutorial: Follow along with me as I show you how to teach place stay
  • Level It Up: I'll show you the secrets to increasing and improving the place stay to become your secret weapon
Step three: crate training
  • A Safe Space: Satisfy your dog's denning instincts by providing them with a quiet safe space to escape to
  • Trained In 7 Days: Follow my 7 day training process to positively associate your dog with the crate
  • Prevent Anxiety: The secret cure for so many issues like separation anxiety and unwanted barking
Step four: mental stimulation
  • The Key To Fulfillment: Learn the importance of mental stimulation in having a content & fulfilled dog
  • Power Of Puzzles: Discover new ways to mentally stimulate your dog like puzzles
  • Games To Try: Fun games for you to tire out your dog and ensure they are fulfilled
Step five: leadership
  • The Foundation: Deep dive into my pyramid of success for happy and content dogs
  • Loving Leadership: Learn to become a calm, consistent and loving leader for your dog, guiding them through life
  • How To Level Up: My top tips for how you can improve your leadership skills with your dog
  • Fully Online Course
  • ​Everything You Need To Know To Have A Calm & Happy Dog
  • ​Take Exercise To The Next Level
  • ​Discover The Power Of Place Training
  • ​Gift Your Dog A Safe Space With Crate Training
  • ​The Truth About Mental Stimulation
  • ​How You Can Become A Calm & Consistent Leader
  • Instant And Lifetime Access To All Content
  • 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
With this course you'll ensure that you have a content and fulfilled dog.

You'll stop the chaos of everyday life being full of stress and anxiety.

Instead you'll have a happy, relaxed dog that is calm and settled at home.

Grab the course now to start today!
make sure your dog is happy and content at home
The Complete Walkthrough To A Stress-Free Dog:


Usually £157 / $197

Today Only £118 / $148

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