Grow a huge audience across multiple platforms (with your dog) and generate a six figure income...


Well I understand your frustration and that's why I'm here to help!

Who am I and how can I help? Well...

Social media completely changed my life.

It enabled me to reach millions of people, book out my services as a canine behaviourist for months, build multiple successful businesses and most importantly, help hundreds of thousands of dogs and their owners.

And now I want to help you do the same thing.

But it wasn't always like this.

I started out on YouTube, trying again and again to make it.

I was working part time in a coffee shop, editing in every spare moment I had, just trying to get my break.

I'd spend hours locked away in my office creating videos that no one ended up seeing. I'd get 5 or 10 views at most and the majority were from my Mum.

It was tough and there were lots of moments where I almost gave up.

But I kept at it. I kept trying different things, creating different types of content and eventually people started watching.

I learned what it is that people actually want to watch and how to create content that appeals to them.

First 100 views, then 1000, then before I knew it I was consistently getting over 10,000 views per video, with some hitting over 100,000!

That was when I knew I'd cracked the code and found the secret.

I developed a system that worked and was repeatable.

It's this system that allowed me to achieve the statistics above on social media.

Almost a million subscribers on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of followers across Instagram and TikTok and multiple income streams giving me a significant income for myself and my family that has also allowed me to start multiple successful businesses in the canine industry.

It's safe to say that social media has changed everything. And it's all thanks to the system that I developed.

Now I want to pass this system on to you.

This system takes you right the way through from concept or idea, to creating and editing your content, growing a huge audience across multiple platforms, and then monetising that audience in a sustainable, long-term way that will give you longevity, security and freedom.

It's specifically designed to help you dominate the canine industry but you don't have to have a dog right now - there's lots of niches you can fill in other ways.

I'll guide you every step of the way - from zero to successful canine influencer with multiple income streams, six-figure salary, massive audience and limitless potential.

Sound good?

Keep reading to discover more about my foolproof system...

The Foolproof System To Become A Canine Influencer

So here it is, the system that's going to help you become a successful canine influencer and grow a massive audience with limitless income potential, long term security and ultimate financial freedom.

But first, a hard truth. 

The Number 1 biggest secret when it comes to social media that might be hard to hear... 

No one cares about you.

At least - not you specifically. Instead, everything we create has to start with value. And that's the first rule of my system:

Rule #1: Value Is Key.

People want to get something out of what they consume. It could be entertainment, knowledge or advice but it has to be valuable. If there is no value, no one will watch - it's as simple as that. That's why your content can't just focus on you or your dog, it needs something more. And how do we share that value?

Rule #2: Content Is King.

Content is everything, it's how we connect with our audience and how new eyes discover us. This could be anything, from videos of you walking your dog, to infographics on the rarest dog breeds in the world, to a silly picture of your dog fast asleep. But right now, there is one very clear winner when it comes to the best content for growing an audience.

Rule #3: Video Is King Of Kings.

It is indisputable that right now video is by far the best performing medium online. It dominates still images on every single platform and it's essential that you master the art of amazing video in order to succeed on social media. So, how do we do it?

Using my system I will teach you how to find the value in everything that you create, how to ensure that you're always creating something people will want to watch and how to guarantee to connect with your audience.

I'll help you learn how to create concepts from nothing and develop ideas into full blown masterpieces. I'll teach you how to plan and create incredible content in an efficient way that won't take up all of your time and leave you feeling exhausted using my content production super hack.

And I will also teach you the secret insider tips to making incredible video content that people actually want to watch (hint: all you need is a smart phone!)

With this system I will show you everything that you need to grow a huge audience, build up a relationship of trust, and then monetise that audience into multiple income streams that will give you financial freedom, security and most importantly, longevity - so you won't be just another flash in the pan one-hit-wonder. You'll have a successful career that you can maintain for the long run, and a brand new life to go with it. 

So if you're as excited as I am and ready to dive in and get started, click below to grab the course and let's go!

With this system you will learn how to:


  • Over 200k followers: Learn the techniques I used to build over 200,000 followers, twice!
  • ​Reels vs posts vs stories: Find out the best way to use each post type to your advantage
  • What makes a Reel successful: The hidden mechanics that either make a Reel go viral or flop
  • Upload Schedule: When and how to upload for maximum benefit
  • Fast track to Instagram success: My secret tip that will see you succeed in no time

Dominate youtube

  • 900,000+ Subscribers: Discover the secrets that allowed me to gain almost a million subscribers
  • From Concept to YouTuber: I will guide you right from the idea stage to a fully established channel
  • How To Be Valuable: I'll teach you to create engaging and entertaining content that people want to watch
  • Titles, Thumbnails & Tags: Learn how to game the system to give your videos the best chance for success
  • Analyse To Improve: How to review and understand your analytics for continuous growth

Smash tiktok

  • Principles Of TikTok: The insights that allowed me to gain over 750,000 followers in just one year
  • All About The Hook: Discover the importance of the hook and how to use it for massive reach
  • Batching Hack: Save your precious time with this unique filming method
  • What To Expect: Set yourself up for success with realistic expectations of the platform
  • TikTok Mastery: Learn how to master the fastest growing social media platform in today's world

Find the best platform for you, or learn how to grow a huge following across all 3 for maximum audience potential!

But that's not all...

I Will Teach You The Secrets To Making Amazing Dog Videos

As we've discussed with Rule #3 - video content is the king of kings when it comes to growing on social media.

But I appreciate that not everyone is the next Spielberg and it can feel incredibly daunting trying to capture good content of our canine companions.

That's why as part of this course I've included a canine video creation masterclass.

We'll cover:

- Giving you everything you need to know what makes amazing video content
- All the gear you will need (hint: you're probably on it right now)
- Breaking down the technical details like lighting and audio so you don't have to think about it

Plus practical demonstrations so you can literally copy exactly what I do and create your own incredible canine content for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok!

Plus a Bonus!

How To Create Great Dog Photos

I'll also teach you how to make incredible canine photography!

Although video is king, there is always going to be a need for great dog photos and it's not as easy as you might think!

I'll give you all the tips and tricks to capture incredible photos, even if all you have is your smart phone!

The content production super hack

In order to succeed on Social Media you need to be creating a sometimes overwhelming amount of content, that can seem impossible to handle!

However, let me introduce you to the secret for how I manage it and how I teach others to do the same thing.

It's called the Content Production Super Hack!

And with it, I'll teach you how you can turn 1 finely tuned video into 31 pieces of high perfoming content that:

- Saves you time
- Keeps cost and effort to a minimum
- But still performs at the highest level on all platforms!

This one trick alone will prove to be worth more to you than the course price x 1000, it's that good!

So After All That, How Do We Actually Make Money?!

How To Monetise Your Audience

This is where the real insider secrets come in!

I'm going to walk you through 5 different ways you can turn your audience into income and build your six figure career.

These aren't tricks or hacks.

These are genuine money-making methods for the long-term. Because if it's not going to last for your lifetime, what's the point?

I don't want you to be a temporary success or a flash in the pan. I'm going to set you up for life with a career as a Canine Influencer.

With multiples sources of income all combining together to provide security, stability and success.

What Exactly Do You Get With This Course?

This online course will walk you through the entire process of becoming a Canine Influencer, growing a huge audience and then monetising it with multiple sources of income into a six figure career.

You'll be able to follow along with the on-demand video lectures at your own pace, and you'll have lifetime access to the course so you can refer back as much as you need!

Through a total of 70 high-quality video lectures you'll learn how to:

- Make incredible canine content that will get thousands of views and grow your following
- Crush Instagram, dominate YouTube and Smash TikTok, creating a massive audience across all three paltforms
- The Content Production Super Hack that will save you countless hours and allow you to keep up with content demands to facilitate growth
- Monetise your audience with multiple revenue streams for long term sustainability and success

Your Curriculum:

Section 1: Let's Get Started
Section 2: Make Great Dog Pictures
Section 3: Make Great Dog Videos
Section 4: YouTube Mastery
Section 5: TikTok Mastery
Section 6: Instagram Mastery
Section 7: The Content Production Super Hack
Section 8: Monetise Your Audience


I have poured all of my years of experience into this course to allow you to achieve the same things that I have. 

I have been able to grow multiple incredibly successful YouTube Channels, amassing over half a million subscribers. I have grown multiple Instagram accounts over 200k subscribers. I have gone viral on TikTok with over 750k followers in a year. 

And now you can do the same things and make a whole new career out of it, with your dog.

This is the foolproof system to success. You'll get all of this:




You'll have 14 days to try out the course and if you give it a go and find it's not for you, simply send us an email at [email protected] and we will refund the full amount, no questions asked!


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