Are You Fed Up With Your Dog Ignoring You?
The free course to help you instantly start improving your dog's recall! Get them coming back to you every time using our fun and engaging recall training games!
Let's Make Training Recall Fun, Engaging And Interesting For Both You And Your Dog!
Introducing my new games-based approach for drastically improving your dog's recall in no time at all! Founded in an academic understanding of how dogs learn and communicate, I have developed a series of recall training games that will massively improve your dog's recall incredibly quickly.

It uses a few simple concepts like cementing in your dog's mind that you = awesome and that coming back to you is the best thing in the world, to ensure a happy dog that listens to you when called and comes back quickly and with enthusiasm!
In This Free Course You'll Get:

All You Need To Know About Recall Training

Learn the ins and outs of recall training, the common mistakes and how to avoid them so you can become a master of recall, adapt to your dog's pace and level up your training.

Game 1: You = Awesome!

Start by introducing your dog to the concept that coming back to you is the best thing in the world! You = Awesome! It's the foundation of a rock solid recall and a fun place to begin.

Game 2: The Corridor Recall Game

One of the best and most fun ways to improve your dog's recall command rapidly, play this game for a minutes a day and you'll be amazed how fast you progress!

Game 3: Pavlov's Whistle

Put your past recall mistakes behind you by introducing your dog to a brand new cue and unlock the power of classical conditioning with a cue that will never fail!

Introducing Your Tutor: Will Atherton

  • 300,000 Students Helped
As an expert Canine Behaviourist with over a decade of experience, Will's mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and off the euthanasia table. To achieve this Will has dedicated his life to educating dog owners on how to have their own perfect canine companion using his massive social media following across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, and through amazing educational content in the WA Academy. 
  • Recall Training Made Fun
Will has developed this fun and unique games-based recall training system in order to help as many owners as possible to improve their recall as fast as possible! Just a few minutes, a few times a day will make a massive difference to your dog's recall in no time at all.

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You can do it! You can start improving your dog's recall today and you can both have fun at the same time! Everything that you need is right here in this free course. Sign up by clicking below and you'll have immediate access to get started right away. Stop your dog from ignoring you and get a rock solid recall instead!
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