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Stop bad behaviours like reactivity, excessive barking and jumping up with the 30 Day Boot Camp program and get all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to train your dog!


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Living with a badly behaved dog can be an absolute nightmare.

It can make everyday life so frustrating and difficult!

Maybe you can never have friends over because your dog would not stop barking at them the whole time. Or maybe you and your partner can't leave the house at the same time because your dog simply cannot be left alone for any length of time. Or maybe you're afraid to take them out for a walk because you know if they see another dog they will become reactive, barking and lunging uncontrollably.

And these are just a few examples. There are many, many ways that your dog can misbehave and all of them have the power to completely sap the enjoyment out of having a dog.

Let's be clear here: we're not blaming the dog!

They simply don't know any better. For whatever reason, something has gone wrong with their training (or they simply haven't had any), and they have had to make decisions on how to react for themselves.

Unfortunately for us those decisions are rarely what we would want.

Instead it's often:




Unfortunately it's behaviours like these that lead to owners feeling they have no other choice but to give the dog up to a shelter.

Far too many dogs are being given up to shelters through no fault of their own.

We want to avoid this happening at all costs.

It's our mission to keep dogs out of shelters and off the euthanasia table.

If you're in this position yourself then you need to know this:


Read This If You're Struggling With Your Dog
A Note From Will:
So many people have a badly behaved dog and think they just have to put up with it. They end up thinking that's just how life with a dog is, stressful and frustrating. And that breaks my heart, because it's not how it should be. Life with your dog should be a joyous and wonderful experience.

Unfortunately it's people thinking that they can't do anything about these negative behaviours that leads to them deciding to simply give their dog up instead, and why so many innocent dogs end up in shelters when there absolute could have been another way.

I'm on a mission to stop this from happening. If you're finding life with your dog difficult, frustrating or stressful please don't give up. I implore you - try this Boot Camp first. I promise it will make more of a difference than you can ever imagine - just give it a chance.

Will Atherton

What Even Is The...
So we know what we don't want from our dogs.

But what do we want?

We believe that absolutely every dog has the potential to become your perfect canine companion.

But what does that mean? What's the recipe for a perfect canine companion?

Well the first ingredient is a dog that is well mannered, calm, quiet and respectful when guests come to your home. They’re not jumping up, pushing you over, diving all over the furniture, knocking over the children or stealing your food straight from your plate.

Secondly, they have excellent socialisation so that they can go anywhere and do anything, all whilst staying calm and relaxed.

And they will have the fundamentals of obedience covered, in the form of a lovely loose leash heel walk  so they’re not pulling you over, being reactive towards other dogs or people whilst you’re out on a walk, a rock solid recall so they come back to you when you ask them to, and they have an excellent sit, stay and break so no matter where you are, you can ask your dog to sit down, be calm and quiet and wait for you to give them further instructions.

In other words, it looks something like this:

Walking beautifully on a loose leash!

Coming back to you when called!

  Being able to go anywhere and do anything!

Comfortable being left alone!

Good manners & following house rules!

But most importantly, and the number one key ingredient, is that they will look up to you for guidance and direction in any and all situations.

And that means you becoming their calm, consistent and loving canine leader.

When your dog knows that you're in control and that you will take care of all of their wants and needs you remove all of their stress and anxiety

They will never be forced to make decisions for themselves because they will know that you have it covered.

To see a dog truly strive and be happy we must first and foremost become their high level canine leader, and that is exactly what this course will help you to achieve so that you can have your perfect canine companion.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Thousands of owners have taken this course and turned things around with their dogs:
"My dog hit the teenage stage and I was hesitant to spend more money on training but I'm so glad I signed up for the Boot Camp. I began to see stunning results in the first 5 days, we're currently half way through the month and she is a different dog, so attentive and more settled, she will still occasionally steal things around the house for attention so 'leave it' is a big ticket item for us. I had a tradie in the house yesterday and she was calm, no jumping or barking so that is a big step in right direction. I tend to learn best by watching and rewatching videos and I like the short and sharp video style. I am so impressed with the course"
"Am taking it really slowly, digesting all the information. However, the transformation in my boy is incredible. with the small changes I have put in place so far he is a different dog, even getting comments of how he has changed, less winging, so much calmer. I feel much more confident, I have had trainers come and help before however this is the by far the best value for money and the most informative. I learn so much and am excited to learn more.
Thank you so much"
"Two weeks into the boot camp and our 14 month old Boxer is doing brilliantly. He's heal walking, his recall is improving. Walking him now is a much better experience.
Thank you"
Plus thousands more perfect canine companions achieved with the Perfect Canine Companion Boot Camp!
What is the Perfect Canine Companion Boot Camp?

It's a completely online course designed to teach you everything you need to know about training your dog and becoming a high level, loving leader, along with the 30 Day Boot Camp Program to put it all into practice.

It consists of 44 high-quality video modules including practical demonstrations of exactly how to stop any problem behaviours that you might be facing, detailed training drills that you will use to transform your relationship, and all of the training theory behind everything that you will learn.

At the end of the 30 days you will have a completely different dog that is calm and relaxed, looks up to you for guidance and direction, and is just a joy to be around.

This course teachs you exactly what to do, when to do it, but most important WHY you should do it.

Because that's the secret to you becoming a high level canine leader that can handle anything. This is so important because every single dog is different and every person is different, so your experience may not look exactly the same as when Will does something or even another owner. You need to understand WHY you are doing what you're doing so you can adapt and adjust as you go.
  •  The 30 Day Boot Camp Program: Follow along with the Boot Camp Program designed by Will to efficiently and effectively restructure your relationship with your dog, stop any problems behaviours and completely transform your life together.
  • ​Learn How To Train Your Dog: Discover all of the theory behind Will's training system so that understand exactly what you need to do in order to train your dog and how it all works.
  • ​Fix Problem Behaviours: Get a detailed breakdown walking you through the process of fixing all common problem behaviours such as pulling on the leash, jumping up, reactivity, destructive behaviour and more!
  • ​Solve Common Problems: You'll receive the solutions to common problems owners face like separation anxiety, toilet accidents in the home and the new dog blues.
  • ​Detailed Training Drills: Will breaks down all of the obedience commands that you will be using throughout your Boot Camp to build your relationship, provide mental stimulation and lay the foundations of excellent manners.
  • ​Flexible And Adaptable: You will receive a blank copy of the Boot Camp Program so you can adjust it to your own schedule, availability, and capability - this is YOUR Boot Camp, we'll help you to make it work for you.
  • ​See Exactly How It's Done: Watch as Will demonstrates real life examples of putting the Program into practice with his own dogs, including meal times and threshold manners.
  • ​Understand The Why: The theory behind everything that we do so you can truly become a high level canine leader that can adapt to your specific dog and your specific situation, the real secret to success!
You'll get lifetime access to the course material, so you can refer back as much as you need and watch through at your leisure. Plus if you ever get another puppy, it will be there to help you all over again!
You'll get lifetime access to the course material, so you can refer back as much as you need and watch through at your leisure. 
On completion of the course you and your dog will get a certificate to signify the amazing commitment you've made to restructuring your relationship and achieving the perfect canine companion!
And on completion of the course you and your dog will get a certificate to signify the amazing commitment you've made to restructuring your relationship and achieving your perfect canine companion!

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Meet Will,
Canine Behaviourist & Founder Of WA Academy
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  • ​Dedicated to keeping dogs out of shelters and off the euthanasia table
  • Over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube educating dog owners
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The 7 Day Crate Trainer

  • The Secret Solution: Discover the secret solution to solving 90% of the problems owners face with their dogs in the home!
  • Crate Training Made Easy: Follow along with Will over 7 days as you gradually introduce your dog to their crate and ensure they are comfortable and happy at all times.
  • Your Dog's New Favourite Place: The crate will soon become your dog's favourite place, giving them a safe, den-like space to go and chill out, where they can be calm, content and relaxed.
  • ​Stop Separation Anxiety: Crate training will massively help with issues like separation anxiety and destructive behaviour, allowing you to relax when your dog is home alone.
"My goal was to shape up a few behaviors that I deemed problematic and to work on our relationship and ability to communicate with one another. My dog was prone to fairly aggressive pulling on walks, barking at unwanted times, and his recall was less than perfect under distraction. These were the three areas that I most desperately desired to address and correct over the month process.

The course was an overwhelming success. The pre-course information was an absolute game changer and allowed me to build the confidence to follow through on the application of the process. The principles provided in the course set me up for success. We followed all of the guidelines and rules set out in the videos, and found great success in the process.

Following the process, my significant other walked the dog without me present and came back and told me that it was the most pleasant walk yet. The dog heeled and listened perfectly throughout the entire duration of the walk. This was a huge win in our book.

I was genuinely skeptical of the boot camp at first, mainly due to the price. It took me several weeks to convince myself that it was worth the investment. The information provided within the course is phenomenal. There were principles and applications of the principles that I had not previously considered that allowed me to see how I was unintentionally reinforcing negative behaviors. Because of the boot camp, I was able to fix the problem at the cause, namely myself. I have extremely high standards for my dog, so there are still areas we are working on, but I have received many compliments on how well behaved he is by friends and family.

Overall, the boot camp process was one that was genuinely worth it for me, my dog, and our family. He came through it a much calmer, well-behaved dog and I feel more confident in my ability to shape and develop his behavior into the future. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to help shape and develop excellent listening skills in their dog."
You can stop bad behaviours and achieve your 
Perfect Canine Companion!
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30 Day Boot Camp Program

Learn To Train Your Dog

Fix Problem Behaviours

Solve Common Problems

Detailed Training Drills

Real Life Examples

Flexible & Adaptable

Understand The Why

Lifetime Access

Certificate Of Completion

7 Day Crate Trainer

Your Perfect Canine Companion

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