Use my fun and engaging games-based approach to completely reset your dog's recall over the course of just 1 month! Stop being ignored and ensure you never fail another rep of recall again!
Use my fun and engaging games-based approach to completely reset your dog's recall over the course of just 1 month! Stop being ignored and ensure you never fail another rep of recall again!


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Does This Sound Familiar?

You're out with your dog for a nice walk. You've been at their favourite field for 30 minutes now. They've played with their friends, sniffed the whole thing twice, and now you're ready to go. Maybe you have dinner reservations and need to get back, or you're just tired after a long day.

You go to put your dog's leash on... and they run away.

You call them back... and they ignore you.

You call their name again and again... and nothing.

Until eventually after 15 minutes of chasing them around the field, fake walk-offs, losing your voice yelling and being late for your evening plans, you manage to get them on the leash as they're running past.

What a nightmare!
And that's just one of the ways a poor recall can affect you. What about:

- Your dog sees another dog it wants to play with?
- Your dog sees a squirrel heading up a tree?
- Your dog smells some food that's been dropped?

What if any of these occur near a busy road? Or what if that other dog isn't friendly?

Having a poor recall is not only frustrating, it's also extremely dangerous for your dog.

If you have no way of safely calling them back to you, they really shouldn't be off leash at all!

But then that's no good because your dog doesn't get to run around and just be a dog.


What do you do?

I Am Here To Help!

How To Stop Your Dog Ignoring You:

The Power Of Recall

I know how frustrating it can be having a dog with no recall! But you can fix it! You don't have to live with a bad recall. Even if you've tried other training methods in the past that haven't worked, don't give up.

Every dog is different but you can improve recall very quickly if you know how.

And I will help you to do so!

First let's break down the 4 key concepts when it comes to recall training:

1. The Scales Of Motivation

Every dog is driven by different things, be it other dogs, people or small animals. It's literally in their DNA - it's what they were bred for. We can't stop them finding things motivating. But what we can do is tip the scales of motivation in our favour so that we win out every time. We need to make ourselves more enticing than the squirrel!

2. You = Awesome!

We need to cement in our dogs mind the idea that coming back to us is the best thing ever! Have you ever scolded your dog in frustration when they get to you after they refused to come back for 10 minutes? Don't do that! It's a common mistake but we actually need to do the opposite and make our dogs love being close to us!

3. Protect The Cue

If you're reading this then chances are you've failed a rep of recall before. And if you've stood in a field repeatedly yelling the same word over and over again, that word is no longer going to mean very much to your dog. That's why it's essential that you introduce a new "cue" for recall and protect it at all costs! You should never fail a rep with this new cue.

4. Impulse Control

And finally a dog with great impulse control is already a million miles ahead when it comes to recall training. If they are able to resist temptations like treats until you say so, they are far less likely to bolt after that squirrel after you've asked them not to, no matter how enticing it is. Impulse control is the hidden secret to rock solid recall.
We can ensure success when it comes to recall training by focusing on these 4 key concepts.

But the real secret is to make training recall fun and engaging for both you and your dog.

To do that, I have developed a games-based training system that you will both love!

Introducing Your Tutor:

Will Atherton

Expert Canine Behaviourist & Founder Of The WA Academy

  • Over a decade of experience as a Canine Behaviourist
  • ​Dedicated to keeping dogs out of shelters and off the euthanasia table
  • Over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube educating dog owners
  • Huge followings on TikTok and Instagram of almost 1 million
  • Launched The WA Academy to help more dogs and their owners
  • Developed a unique and exciting games-based approach to training recall
  • You can get started right away and transform your dog's recall!



Introducing The Games-Based Approach To Recall Training

This course features 13 unique and engaging recall games that you can play with your dog in order to completely reset their recall in no time at all! Each game has been crafted with a deep understanding of the canine mind, how they think and how they learn, in order to be both fun and exciting, as well as highly effective for improving recall quickly.

1. You = Awesome!

2. The Corridor Recall Game

3. The Partner Recall Game

4. The Garden Recall Game

5. The Recall & Release Game

6. The Fetch Recall Game

7. Pavlov's Whistle

8. The Long Line Challenge

9. The Place Stay Game

10. The Magic Green Circle

11. The Gun Dog Wait & Release

12. The Sit, Stay, Break Game

13. Socialisation Desensitisation

The course includes all 13 games plus the schedule to put them all into practice, as well as all the theory and understanding of recall training you will need to completely reset your dog's recall in no time!
  • Fully Online Course
  • ​All The Theory, Common Mistakes And Training Tips For Recall
  • ​13 Fun And Engaging Recall Training Games
  • ​The Training Schedule To Bring It All Together
  • Instant And Lifetime Access To All Content
  • 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Reset Your Dog's Recall In Just One Month
With this course you'll make recall training fun and exciting again instead of your biggest frustration. You'll quickly see massive improvements in your dog's recall, both with how often they respond and how quickly they come back!

No matter how bad your dog's recall currently is, you can completely flip the script and reset everything with this course.

Forget the frustration, forget the failed reps, forget standing in a field whilst your dog runs away.

Instead ensure you never fail another rep of recall again. 

Build a rock solid recall, have fun and improve your relationship with your dog in the process!
Stop being ignored and start fixing it right now:


Usually £117 / $147

TODAY ONLY £88 / $110!

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